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This page contains links to those programming languages I'm currently using or in the process of learning.

IBM BookManager® BookServer Library Welcome to IBM's BookServer--your electronic library of books on the World Wide Web. Using BookServer, you can easily manage and display electronic books grouped into catalog collections, bookshelves and bookcases. BookManager's high-performance, morphological searching capabilities allow you to search books and entire bookshelves for the information you need. Talk about programming languages from A to Z. Review the best programming forum on the net.
A free e-publication for IT professionals focused on those responsibilities related to IT management and integration of enterprise/legacy systems with an emphasis towards COBOL Manuals, Dowloads, Hardware, Tips, etc for the mainframer.
Micro Focus is the leading provider of legacy application development and deployment software for contemporary platforms. Micro Focus enables organizations to unlock the value of their legacy by reusing their business-critical assets with .NET, Java, XML and Web services, resulting in reduced costs, increased agility and minimal risk.
This is the place to find news about COBOL and COBOL cool links.
The COBOL Report The COBOL Report is an exciting new publication by COBOL professionals for COBOL professionals. Each bimonthly issue offers a full range of feature articles, regular columns, and case studies applying COBOL technology to the changing landscape of software development. Plus...
SAS Coding Tips and Techniques
UIC PLI/PLC UIC has IBM PL/I and PL/C (their student version) links.
Visual Basic Resouce Index This site maintained for Programmers and contains Information for Corporate Development!
Perl language Home Page
IBM Software Page If the language your interested in isn't listed try this site.

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