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David W. Nobles

Tel: 540-286-2842

Fax: 801-640-2396


Sogeti USA (VA DSS) 11/16/04 present

Test Manager

      Supervise 6 direct reports, 3 temporary assigns while working with 2 sub-contracting firms and the client.

      Develop documentation in Excel, Word & Access using VBA to track deliverables..

      Write SAS/COBOL/REXX programs to modify JCL, convert programs for an IMS to DB2 conversion for both Batch and CICS/Telon. Test/debug with XPEDITOR and AUTOTESTER. Convert BMC Checkpoint/Restart.

      Status Reporting and escalation of issues to management

      Monitor schedules on client side.

      Analysis data using QMF, SPUFI, SAS, REXX and FileAid for IMS/DB2.


Sapphire Technology (USPS) 06/16/03 11/14/03

DOIS Solution Support Analyst

      Investigating and resolving production support tickets.

      Designing, developing, unit and product testing for maintenance releases using VB6, COBOL, DB2, MS-Access, CICS and Test Director.

      Researching larger production issues for the client

      Status Reporting and escalation of issues to management

      Procedural improvement

      Analysis data using QMF, SPUFI and FileAid for DB2.

      Documentation using Word, Visio, Bliner and Remedy.


Global Commerce & Information (Sallie Mae) - 09/02 05/03
Sr. Programmer Analyst

        Develop DB2, CICS, COBOL, SAS programs for Student Loan Origination.

        Work on developing a Web interface to mainframe system, test using Rational Team Test.

        Debug Online/Batch programs using INTERTEST and CA Hyperstation.

        Create ISPF Panels using ISPF Dialog Manager w/CLIST or REXX

        Develop test plans for QA.

        Support programs in QA and on-call when release moves to Production.


Apex (Capital One) - 07/02 09/02
Sr. Programmer Analyst

        Develop the technical documentation for the Marketing & Analysis Transaction Archive system

        Operate on MVS, Unisys, Unix and PC platforms.

        Analyze, Code & maintain COBOL, Oracle, SAS and JCL

        Update HTML forms/JavaScript with MS-Access front-end for AD-HOC query system.

        Analyze and standardize JCL/Procs.

        Automation of system to FTP information from mainframe to PC using C, Visual Basic/VBA to build EXCEL worksheets and reports.

        On-call for production problems, resolving problems within SLA defined time constraints.


Tek Systems (Sun Trust Bank) - 11/01 06/02
Sr. Programmer Analyst / Team Lead

        One Bank project to unite the 28 banks under the SunTrust umbrella

        Develop the Transaction Routing System utilizing COBOL, CICS, DB2, SPUFI, SAS, ALC, Easytrieve Plus and Viasoft SmartTest.

        Develop Specs for Online portion of the system

        Coding batch/ online systems, performance tuning using STROBE.

        Supervise the development of the JCL/Procs for Application and System Testing & Production.

        Write Test Plans, Conditions and Scripts.

        Analysis and coding for Direct Check and Fraud using COBOL, SAS to convert historical records to new format, updating old values and cleaning up invalid fields, producing reports on uncorrectable records.

        Support system in production via rotating on-call roster and dial-in support.

        Implement Enterprise Model using Zachman Framework.


ARG (First Health) - 09/00 10/01
Sr. Programmer Analyst / Team Lead

        Convert Virginia Medicaid system from COBOL/VSAM to COBOL/DB2 systems for both batch and online (CICS) .

        Write batch COBOL, Easytrieve Plus and QMF/REXX for Reports.

        Viasoft SmartTest, Princeton Softech Tools and CA Hyperstation for testing

        BMS/GT for maps.

        Client Builder/VB to GUI CICS front end.

        Coded MASS Adjustment process to adjust/void/recycle/delete HCFA, UB92, ADA and Title18 claims.

        Worked on Prior Authorization driver and developed reports for pend & deny, error analysis and TPL Collection.

        Performed analysis of requirements and specs, updated and distributed to developers.

        Created Production JCL and updated DSDs.

        Tracked module movement between UT, ST and Prod for all systems.


First Union Securities - 04/00 - 09/00
IT Developer III

        Analysis and coding to bring new brokerage acquisitions into the fold.

        Incorporate any newer capabilities of their systems into existing system using COBOL, CICS, SAS and Easytrieve Plus against DB2 and Datacomm databases

        Extract test records, verify test output and read/process/update data. Ensure data fell within specified boundaries.

        Assisted and monitored junior programmers on multiple projects.

        Monitor system during production runs, correct errors/contact personnel as required and restart runs.


EDP (MCI-Worldcom) - 07/99 - 03/00
Sr. Programmer Analyst

        On the Financial Support Service / Rapid Response Team supported Corporate Finance in developing AD HOC and production programs to perform trend analysis.

        COBOL/DB2 mainframe programs to SUN Solaris C/Sybase.

        Used BRIO to create tables and queries for internal users to report on Sybase data.

        Created Excel/VBA applications to generate spreadsheets & reports.

        Wrote SAS to analysis data, extract test data and perform QA to verify test results. Macros to automate common requests.

        Rotating on-call production support list with primary/secondary beepers.

        Work on implementing CMM 3.


IMI Systems (Bell Atlantic) - 01/99 - 07/99
Sr. System Analyst / Program Manager

        Guided projects through the requirements, analysis, and design phases of the SDLC

        Assisted with issue resolution and test planning reviews to ensure the software delivered met client specifications.

        Handling of complex, inter-related system requirements that address customer care, ordering, and billing (Xpress Track) business systems requirements.

        Schedule, facilitate, and document JARs and JADs with client contacts and multiple development teams

        Develop accurate and thorough Customer Requirements Documents by the scheduled target dates for assigned Program One projects and facilitate customer sign-off

        Create comprehensive General Design documents by the scheduled target dates and facilitate sign-off

        Document and coordinate issue resolution

        Review and provide feedback to Detail Design documents and test plans

        Maintain project list reports and accurate OOMs (Order of Magnitude) in a Lotus Notes database

        Manage and assist 2 person team developing and maintain Team Intranet site.


DWN Consulting (National Fruit Product) - 09/98 04/99
System Programmer / Project Lead

        Y2K compliance coding and testing for the current COBOL/CICS programs on an IBM 4381.

        Migrate systems to an HP 9000 / Unix system running Transarc's TX-series CICS emulation software.

        Replace McCormack & Dodge and later Transarc software with Oracle Financials.

        Rewrite selected programs in C.

RMSI (PEPCO) - 10/97 - 12/98
Software Engineer

        Install Dun and Bradstreet (GEAC) Fixed Assets COTS software.

        Analyze & develop testing plans to determine Year 2000 compliance.

        Analyze clients systems and in house COBOL/FORTRAN programs for both Year 2000 enhancements and changes necessary for industry deregulation.

        Rewrite and make enhancements to Accounting IMS/DB programs due to internal restructuring of PEPCO financial departments.

        Update RPFs for users of Fixed Assets Tax Software.

        Use Visual Basic to process files created by the COBOL mainframe system and generate user reports.

        On call for production problems in current system and migration/run errors in new system.


PSG/ Vital Computer Services (AT&T) - 05/97 - 11/97
Senior Programmer / Analyst

Coding, Analysis and Production Support for DB2, IMS and CICS mainframe systems in the Business Adjustments/Inquiry Division of the Legacy System Re-engineering and Retirement Group utilizing COBOL II and PL/I Source.

        Support PC system using Visual Basic/ C.

        Analysis of system for Year 2000 updates vs. retirement.

        Convert system from PLI/IMS to COBOL/DB2.

        Setup of BTS Environments to support UAT testing.

First USA/Paymentech/Merchant-Link, Inc. - (3rd Shift) - 02/96 to 10/98
Technical Support Representative

        Support diverse customer base of banks, merchants, and third party processors using electronic data capture, network management, data comm protocols to resolve installation, operational or program problems.

        FileMaker Pro, C, VB, Delphi and Access programming for DOS, NT and UNIX platforms.

        Support Magic and MS SQL Server to track trouble tickets.

Vistech/IMI Systems (MCI) - 03/96 to 04/97
Sr System Analyst

        Maintain and enhance Invoice Presentation System COBOL/Adabas programs.

        Analysis MicroFocus COBOL product development environment and relative merits of xDB vs. DB2/2.

        Work on developing a group home page for the MCI Intranet using HTML.

        Run Time performance increase for main LEC billing program of 58%.

        Rotating on-call production support list with primary/secondary beepers.

        Performance tuning using STROBE.

American Bankers Association - (Work from Home) - 1/96 to 12/96
Sr Programmer Analyst

        Write REXX programs and creating jobs to run Group 1 software products such as List Conversion, Merge/Purge, Code 1 Plus, Mailstream Plus, and Bar-code for a mainframe running VM.

American Management Systems - 4/95 to 2/96
Sr Programmer Analyst.

        Switch development system for a major New England Telco from mainframe (COBOL II) to PC environment (MF COBOL).

        Convert database from IMS to DB2 / xDB.

        Use embedded SQL (Mainframe) and Interactive SQL with WINBATCH (PC) to load, unload, and update database.

        Make enhancements to the billing system for the same client.

SAI Software (MCI) - 4/95

Sr. Programmer Analyst

        Code, Maintain and enhance COBOL/Adabas programs for Mass Marketing Invoice Presentation Systems to produce EMI files for LEC billing and Invoices for Direct Remit MCI billing system.

        Rotating on-call production support list with primary/secondary beepers.

IMI Systems, Inc. (Bell Atlantic) - 12/94 to 4/95
Sr Programmer Analyst

        Design, code, and maintain programs for Bell Atlantic's Manager of New Business.

        COBOL II programs to extracting data from mainframe master files after using SAS to determine breakdown of records.

        Download to a PWS using Extras' file transfer facility.

        Incorporate AIN database using C in a UNIX environment.

        Analyze data to determine suitability for trial project, measures needed to clean up data, and feasibility of long-term project.

Computer Data Systems, Inc. (3rd Shift) - 6/94 to 3/95
System Console Computer Operator

        Monitor, run, and restart jobs in MVS/XA/ESA and DOS/VSE/ESA partitions running under VM.

        Weekly IPL of the System.

        Daily, Weekly backups of the VSE and RISC 6000 systems.

        Write small C programs (utilities).

        Initialize, mount, and file tapes as needed.

        Monitor jobs on VAX system; restore lines to 3090. Monitor 9370-system console.

Software Technology Group, Inc. (Dept. of State) - 3/94 to 12/94
Sr. Project Analyst (Secret Clearance)

        Code and maintain COBOL batch & on-line (CICS) programs for international multi-agency payroll system.

        Test/debug using INTERTEST.

        Analyze payroll files using SAS to generate reports showing volumes, types of records, frequency of data, outliners, etc for determining feasibility / cost effectiveness of user requests.

        Code, design and maintain COBOL II, REXX and SDSF (IKJEFT01) utility programs.


IMI Systems, Inc. (Bell Atlantic) - 5/93 to 3/94
Sr. Programmer Analyst

        Design, code and maintain COBOL II, ALC, and C programs.

        Automated QA functions using ISPF Dialog Manager, REXX, CLIST and dBase III/IV.

        Wrote JCL, COBOL programs, and batch FILEAID jobs to download data from production IMS database to build monthly mini-database for QA/Testing of CRIS system programs.

        Create Service Orders for testing of system.

        Transported data/programs across multiple data centers using Network Data Mover (NDM).

        Used SAS to analyze flat files from IMS DB download to build monthly QA IMS test database by ensuring all test conditions were met and for post test verification..

Group One Software - 5/91 to 5/93
Sr Technical Services Support Representative/ Professional Services

        Advise customers in the installation and debugging of COBOL, ALC, PL/I, NATURAL batch and on-line (CICS) programs using VSAM master files under MVS, VSE and OS/3 operating systems.

        Code drivers to 'call' modules in lieu of product supplied drivers.

        Write interfaces to direct mail products using CLIST, REXX, and ISPF Dialog Manager.

        Debug VSAM and CICS abends.

        Write EXIT routines in COBOL and ALC.

        Produce SAS, Easytrieve, and PC-FOCUS reports detailing call volume, call times, products break down, error types to ensure SLAs were met.

        Use Panvalet and JCL to control jobs.

World Bank - 3/91 to 4/91
Office Technical Consultant

        Trained/assisted bank employees in the installation and use of various PC application software packages.

        Installation and trouble shooting of BANYAN VINES network and Net Commander printer network.

Electronic Data Systems (AT&T) - 1/90 to 2/91
Software Engineer


        Designed, coded, and maintained programs to test VTNS corporate billing system on IBM 3090 operating under MVS/XA.

        Create data/jobs using JCL, COBOL, BASIC, and CLIST via ISPF/TSO and FILEAID.

        Download functionality from mainframe to PC to reduce development / testing costs and speed up initial processing.

        Automated mainframe jobs using CLIST.

        Wrote BASIC programs to automate creation of data.

Petroleum Industry Response Organization

        Install PCs, printers, and OTS software packages.

        Instructed coworkers in use of software.

        Advised on Office Automation SW/HW procurement.

        Worked on proposals for developing permanent infrastructure and migrating PIRO from a temporary skeleton to a permanent fully staffed company (MSRC).


US Marine Corps - 7/85 to 12/89

SIGINT / Communications Officer

Command of Parris Island Communications Center, Telephone Office including $4M switch, MARS Station, and Depot Radio Systems.

        Managed Depot radio operators and technicians.

        Budget planning to include 5 year long range plan. Supervised Communications Center watches.

        Trained company admin/training personnel in use of dBase III+ and Lotus 1-2-3.

        Developed, briefed command staff, and implemented PLRS system into 3rd MARDIV.

        Supervised joint services SIGINT teams deployed globally in multiple locations.

        Developed inventory system first in dBase III+ then later rewrote in PASCAL and cut over system.

        Trained civilian personnel in PASCAL programming for maintenance of system.

Cal-State University - Physical Planning Department - 3/81 to 7/85

        Designed, coded, and maintained the Accounts Receivable/Payable system using Apple BASIC on Apple IIs and Mackintosh PCs under PRODOS.

        Assisted in installing school wide `network' connecting various department locations using modem-based system.


US Army - 4//75 to 10/80

Telecommunications Center Specialist

Managed AUTODIN paper tape/card equipment in field and fixed site operations.

        Packaged, delivered and regulated hundreds of classified documents daily. Responsible for accounting/security of Division COMSEC equipment/key lists with 300+ piece inventory.



MVS & VSE JCL, COBOL/MicroFocus COBOL, FORTRAN, DB2/xDB, CICS, IMS, Syncsort, SAS, ROSCOE, CLIST, FILEAID (MF and PC), HTML, CGI, Visual Basic, C/C++, BASIC, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, UNIX, PL/I, PERL, REXX, ISPF Dialog Manager, Intersolv APS, IOF, ALC, PASCAL, PC-FOCUS, Easytrieve, Intertest, Lotus Notes, Natural, Endeavor, Changeman.



Strayer College - Woodbridge, VA
MS Information Systems (in progress)


Cal-State University Los Angeles, CA 1985
BA Mathematics.


Electronic Data Systems Herndon, VA - 1990
Systems Engineer Development Course


US Navy - Corry Station, Pensacola, FL - 1986
Junior Officer Cryptological Course (SIGINT)


US Marines - Quantico MCB, Quantico, VA - 1986
Communications Officer Course


US Army - Ft. Gordon, Augusta, GA - 1975
Telecommunications Specialist Course


Security Clearances:

Secret/BI - DISO 10/28/93 Closed

Top Secret/SBI - USMC/NIS 03/86 Closed

Secret/BI - USA 08/75 Closed



1.  Larry McCabe Consultant


2.  Tammy Isennock NIH Programmer


3.  Solomon Clement Programmer Analyst


4.  Dorothy Woodford Business Analyst


5.  James Cox Programmer Analyst